Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Monthly Household Tip & Weekly Raw Fruit

 Household Tip of the month:

Hi everyone,
The cold weather is finally here in Ohio with much snow to overcome. But even though it is soup weather, the cold outside will not keep me away from all my fruits and vegetable that keep us in great health. 

I wanted to share with you all this great kitchen tip I discovered while reading a magazine about 20 years ago. 

Here is my tip

Lemon juice is a great preserver for keeping food from going bad quickly. So in a bowl filled halfway with water and halfway with lemon juice. Dip every vegetable you chop for your salad inside the lemon/water bowl, let it stay there for 1 minute then drain well each on in a colander. 

Do not add tomatoes and mushrooms to your salad. Add these two items right before serving your salad. These vegetables will rot your salad.

Once all your vegetables are drained, put them all in a well cleaned and dried kitchen sink to toss it well before storing them in a large tight lid bowl, but place 2 folded paper towels on top of your salad before putting on the lid...just like my photo below. Store your salad bowl on the lower level of the refrigerator to prevent any freezing.  

This is enough salad for 3 days. 

Here are my carrots all preserved with lemon water for a week.

This method will keep your salad looking fresh and beautiful for over 10 days and your carrots good for about a month.

Here are my raw fruits and avocado supplies for 1 week. I load up on fruits and veggies on weekly bases.

From my Caribbean Vegan kitchen to yours...SALUD!

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