Sunday, August 6, 2017

Great Store Deals

Hi there folks,

I hope everything is going well to all of you. Here at home I got to go through some farming food stands this last week and I picked up lots of fresh veggies and fruits, but I scored really good when I hit my local grocery store. Every morning this store cleans out their produce dept. and everything they do not sale the day before goes into the reduced food bins. In that bin you can stock up on fruits and vegetables for at least 2 weeks and everything in there is marked down to $1 dollar. Everything is always in mint condition and very clean. So every week on Tuesday or Wednesday I raid their reduced bin. This is what I got this last Tuesday,

14 avocados for $2 dollars, 16 Roma tomatoes for $1 dollar, 2 pks of sliced mushrooms, 2 large bags full of ripe bananas for frozen smoothies (those are now frozen for my morning breakfast smoothies), 2 pks. of alfalfa sprouts in mint condition for $1 dollar each, 6 mangoes for $1 dollar...still hard not ripe yet, 2 pks. green onions for $1 dollar, 2 beautiful baby kale packs for $1 each and a large watermelon for $2 dollars...for a total of $8 dollars.


avocados are beautiful

Look at all of the beautiful Roma tomatoes that are still 
in mint condition

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