Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Great Kitchen Tip of the Week...Preserving your Fresh Vegetables, Herbs and Spices

As all vegans, we buy too many vegetables and sometimes some of them go bad before we can use them.

As an ongoing cook, using vegetables as my main substance, I have to make sure I always have lots of vegetables, spices and herbs. But I have to make sure I use every bit of my vegetable stack in time before they rot.  

So I decided to share with you all my way of keeping everything fresh to last a few weeks or months. 

You will need to have at all times bottles of Lemon Juice. Now I know lemon juice can be costly but Dollartree sells large bottles of lemon juice for $1 dollar each. I buy 6 bottles for the entire month.

I fill a large mixing bowl of half lemon juice and water. After rinsing the vegetable with water, I then dip the vegetable, spice or herb into the lemon water, I let them drain a bit then I wrap them in 2 paper towels and I bag them in a blue grocery bag. I use the blue grocery bag because the bag is breathable and it does not rot the vegetables. I also do this procedure to extra veggies I feel can rot faster, like mushrooms, cooking peppers and celery. Actually if you do this procedure with all your veggies, they will stay in good condition for up to 3 weeks. If bottled they can stay good for a month or over.

Here are some mushrooms and some celery I was trying not to let them go bad until I got to use them, but they actually they stayed in mint condition for 4 weeks.

Here is fresh ginger and 1 red pepper I wanted to save for a while, the red pepper was used withing 5 days and the ginger is now 2 months old and still in mint condition.

Before storing my cilantro and Brussels sprouts I always dip them in lemon water and then I put a folded paper towel over them before I put the lid on...the folded paper towel absorbs all the moisture preventing rottens from the food inside a plastic case. 

Now it will be in mint condition for up to 4 weeks.

This preserving method can be done with all vegetables, herbs and spices. I hope this information was helpful, a comment will be deeply appreciated...thank you.

From my Caribbean Vegan kitchen to yours...SALUD!

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