Thursday, June 15, 2017

Raw Zucchini Rolls

Good day everyone,

As a Gluten free raw vegan I have so many options for meals and lots of imagination in creating them. So last week I made my Raw zucchini rolls just like sushi rolls but without the fish. I used raw zucchini sliced and I cut them the long way, then I sliced them in half so I could roll them up easily.  I cooked some white rice and made a vegetable mix with fresh sweet peppers, onions, some minced garlic, chopped kale & spinach and romaine...and I added some diced sun dried tomatoes, avocados, salt and black pepper. Everything was finely diced and chopped very thin before mixing it well in a large bowl with 1-1/2 c. of rice and then I rolled them inside the zucchini slices. 

It came out so good that I ended up eating 11 rolls...they were delicious.

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