Saturday, April 15, 2017

Today's Poor Man's Dinner

Many of you know how I name some of my meals "Poor Man's Dinner" and that is because as a Puerto Rican there are areas in our island where many of our people are poor financially but they are very humble. I say "poor" because they have a very small wooden home and they feed their family with what they harvest which about 80% of their food supply. Their land is their pot of gold and they grow anything from coffee beans, to fresh roots, vegetables, fruits and even their own spices to conserve their small money flow.

I call this a poor man's dinner because in many of these humble homes this is all they have for a meal eliminating today the breaded tofu. Sometimes roots, fruits, vegetables and rice and beans is all they eat.

In my wonderful poor man's dinner there is steamed cauliflower, roots like ripe plantain bananas and yautia, breaded tofu & seasoned mushrooms steamed & pressed in my Cusinart Panini presser and served with lots of diced avocados...all drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. 

Delicious seasoned & steam pressed mushrooms.

Breaded tofu


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