Thursday, September 25, 2014

Diet Restrictions & Preparation

Being on a diet has been really hard. Saying goodbye to so much food begins by being committed to your goals, as well as to closing the mouth and choosing the food we eat wisely. Everyday I must prepare the food I will be eating and it is very time consuming. After all the food is completely prepared, I put them in individual bowls so I can eat them for lunch & dinner. Here is one of my daily food preparations and for breakfast I always have either a bowl of homemade quick oats made with 100% raw honey and a protein veggie smoothie or I will eat 2 rice cakes with some gluten free peanut butter and a veggie protein smoothie. 

Its been hard to remove some munchies from my diet. This diet should work well with my daily 3 mile walk, yoga, weight lifting & early morning stretches...I should loose a lot of weight by next Summer...let the weight loss quest continue.

1 comment:

  1. Good on you for keeping up with the diet. I'd be happy if I could lose some 10 - 12 pounds. They are always the hardest to lose. I am trying the high carb, low fat diet. So far, I haven't had any results weight-wise but I feel a lot better.
    I hope your health is better too.


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