Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tortas...a Great Replacement for Bread

Bread was always my down fault and when I couldn't eat it anymore because of my yeast allergies, my tortas also vanished from my diet (they are also made with yeast).
2 weeks ago my 89 year old aunt came to stay with me for 2 days. While she was here she requested I make my tortas for her to be part of our dinner. That is a request I could not decline. So I quickly prepared dinner and my tortas. She sat and ate like never before and she was so happy to eat my tortas.
They look great and you can find my recipe in my recipe labels.

A little update on my foot, as you all read my last post concerning my foot with photos I asked you read on it. I will say that I am still on crutches and using the walker so I could walk. If surgery is scheduled next week then I may be away from the computer for a while. I will let you all know next week on what's ahead concerning this matter.
Have a great week.

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