Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Great Bargins I Never Resist

Hello my friends, its so nice to see you again. This week I have to share the great bargains I got from our local Marc's store.
Every morning Marc's cleans out their produce dept. and they price every thing down to $1.00 or less. This morning I ended up bringing home all of these veggies, fresh spices  like Rosemary & Basil  and many fresh fruits. I spent less than $25 dollars including the cans of Gandules (pigeon peas) . This is not counting all the oranges & apples (2 bags each) that I got on Friday for $1 a bag. Now I am stocked for 2 weeks. Look at today's lucky find...check it out.

My fridge is bulging with veggies and fruit.



  1. Oh my! Millie, what a bargain! Nothing makes me happier that a fridge loaded with fruits and veggies, it is so comforting! I am only thinking about all the recipes you'll be using them in! :)

    1. Lovlie, it is always a blessing each time I go to this grocery store. The fruits & veggies are fabulous and in mint condition.

  2. Holy Moly, 25 dollars for all of that? I wish I had a Marc's near me!

  3. BM, actually it all came out to $22.73. I went back last Saturday and I got a lot more of the items I didn't have for $11.00 dollars. I love this store, its fabulous.


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