Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer is Coming and my Vegetable Garden is Growing

Hi there! The heat of the Summer is slowly coming in and the vegetable plants are starting to grow. As you know I live in Ohio and in an apartment which I love. I don't have to cut grass anymore, no trimmings, and no major flower gardens to attend, I am thrilled. In my apartment my balcony becomes my garden. I am not fond of flowers but vegetables and plants are my joy. So let me share my little garden with you. 
Baby Spinach.

Sweet peppers


Grape Tomatoes

Long leaf green Lettuce

The large red pot has cucumbers...they are starting to pop out now.
Christmas cactus
My Pineapple plant that came from Puerto Rico

Jade Bonsai plant

This week I will be planting carrots, beets, radishes and kale...I am so excited.


  1. Wow, you do so much with little space! Good job! I love all your little projects that you do. Keep them up. How's your arm doing?

    1. BM, my space is pretty small for many folks but for me its just right. Once I got rid of the big house I wanted to do less, so I settled for a smaller space. My arm is better. Much of the pain has departed thanks to some hand exercises I do twice a day. Plus my gluten free & dairy free diet is one of the main things that have helped in relieving the RA pain. thanks for asking.


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