Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finally Some Mac & Cheese For Dinner

Its been a very long time since I've eaten Macaroni & cheese. Since I am highly allergic to yeast that was a meal I had excluded from my diet. I was happy to find at Nature's Bin a Provolone cheese that is non dairy, gluten free, yeast free, no gmo, no corn and free of toxins from the Daiya product line. This cheese has now become my best friend when it comes to cooking. It is highly expensive, you only get 11 slices for $4.99 and the slices are round the exact size of a rice cake.

So this passed week I made some Mac & cheese with this delicious melting white cheese. I also grilled some great veggies like seedless cucumbers, Bella mushrooms, big sliced onions, green & yellow sweet peppers and some chopped tempehs. Served also with my meal was a spinach, tomato and radish salad. It was divine and I was enjoying every bite.

I also made one day for lunch some homemade Arepas (tortillas) and I topped it with some spinach leaves, tomato and this delicious provolone was divine.

From my Caribbean Vegan kitchen to yours...SALUD!

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