Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Kitchen's Mini Makeover

Throughout all my cleaning, painting, purging and organizing, I am also redecorating the apt.
One of the rooms that got done was my kitchen. It got a new fresh coat of paint and then I changed the décor. As I took out the red and black, I then introduced browns, sage greens, beige's with a hint of cranberry as an accent color.
But before I show you what I did I must tell you about what happened to my wooden cutting board.
 As I was cleaning and moving things around one day I accidentally dropped the wooden cutting on the floor. I was heart broken since it had been with me for over 20 years. When it fell it broke in two pieces, like the photo below.

I really wanted to keep it so this was what I did with it...check it out.
Step 1...I sanded them down and then I painted them a tan color.
Step 2...Before doing anything else I put 2 frame hangers on the back of each board so I could hang them on the wall.
Step 3...I had some black letter cutouts and I glued them on the boards to spell out "JOYFUL VEGAN".

Step 4...I then stained the entire board with a dark brown stain wiping the stain off with a rag as I stained...darkening the paint just a tab.

I also stained the sides and the wooden knobs that held the board above the counter top when in use.

 After finishing the 2 boards I hung them above my sink cabinets announcing to the world that I am a "Joyful Vegan".

I then painted my trash can the same tan color as the boards.
This is the trash can before...it was painted black.
This is the new painted trash can.

This was the before décor over the sink wall and it was changed to a mirror.
And this is the after.
I painted the mirror above the sink in black that I found for $1.50 at Goodwill.
This is my decorated kitchen, I hope my new kitchen cabinets arrive soon. These cabinets are hideous. All the red & black is out of the kitchen and my new neutral soft colors look really nice.

Total cost for this mini makeover was $6 dollars counting the small can of cream paint I bought to paint the trash can. I purchased the quart of paint for .50 cents at Home Depot in their mis-tints section.

More pictures will be posted as the kitchen gets more new items changed and decorated. I am a very joyful vegan.

From my Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...SALUD!


  1. How did you stick to six dollars with new cabinets? You're lucky the board broke in half so evenly!

    1. that's hilarious BM. I live in an apt. complex and the owners have ordered new kitchen cabinets for all the apts. Two floors are all done and I am on one of the floors on the waiting list...it will cost me nothing. I just have to be patient. Your too funny.


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