Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Delicious Dinner and a Few Christmas Photos

Hi everyone. its so nice to be back after a few months away. I needed the break and I am happy to be back.
 I spent the entire 2013 inside my home making all my Christmas gifts and I must say the holidays were great.. Check out some of my Christmas presents that I made on the photos below.
I wanted to begin the year with my broccoli, carrot potato and ripe plantain mash. This mash is absolutely the best, I LOVE it. To accompany this great mash I made my homemade gravy, grilled brown sugar and coconut tofu and some Spanish beans on the side. I was for sure licking my fingers because it was delicious.
All recipes are inside my recipe file. So check them out

Here are my Christmas photos
I made 18 gift bags for some close friends and family. All these bags were done with all the free stuff I got this year thanks to manufacturers store coupons.
I cross stitched my grand-daughters name bookmarks for their scriptures.

My big project was my grand-daughter's dollhouse. It took me 4 months to complete and it is all done out of 2 cardboard boxes, aluminum foil rolls and some great decorative materials. You can see the entire house on my blog... http://frugaliciouschick.blogspot.com


I decoupaged my girls name (first letter) for their bedroom door.
I decorated 6 handbags for my primary girls.
I also made them headbands.

I made 16 pairs of earrings. Here are some of them.

I made these hair bows on hair clips for my primary girls.
Here are my girls and me.
Here's my son and his lovely family.

It was a busy year, but I hope 2014 is a more calmer year full of good health and peace.
From my Caribbean Vegan kitchen to yours...SALUD!


  1. Millie, it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas - I'm so glad. I can't believe how crafty you are. Everything you made is beautiful. Did you granddaughter love her doll house? How is your wrist and hand now? Happy New Year!

  2. BM...the dollhouse was a hit. She is crazy about it and she loves changing the décor since I made 15 bedspreads, valences, rugs and toss pillows to match each room. we had a very good, quiet and spiritual Christmas...and my daughter in law cooked a lot of great gluten free & vegan food, it was all delicious. Both my hand wrists are bad, but the injections have helped in calming down the pain. I am going to try the injections for a while until I can't take the pain anymore. Other than that I am okay but always busy. I am currently cleaning, purging and organizing my apartment...too much to do.


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