Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone....I have received a lot of emails asking me if I am okay and that they miss my posts. Thank you for missing me, I have been very touched by this...thank you.
I first want to apologize for being a bit absent from the blogging world but its been a hectic Summer and I am so happy it is coming to an end soon and I am so ready for cold weather. The heat kills me with my RA.
Let me explain a little of what I have been doing and going through.
Usually for all of us Summer is super busy and quite joyous, but for me its a different kind of busyness. Most of you know that I am an extreme couponer and that I buy everything in large quantities...but when Fall is about to kick in I get really serious with my couponing stocking up for the  Winter. I have gotten my cousin Kim hooked on couponing so we have become good partners in crime and on Mondays we raid about 6 newspaper recycle dumpster. it takes us about 3 to 4 hours to gather tons of coupon inserts. We usually come home with over 200 inserts. Just think of the consuming job of cutting them all out and then organizing them in categories and binders. We do have a method to our madness and we cut lots of them at once. It does pay the past month I have gotten 31 large bottles of Purex detergents for .99 cents each, 21 dawn dish soaps for .25 cents each, 55 Gillette & daisy razors for free, 18 large Crest toothpaste for .50 cents each, 26 Reach toothbrushes for free, 126 Snasuages dog treats for free, 18 (3 in a pack) Ivory bath soaps for .59 cents each, 8 large Bayer Advanced aspirins for free, 16 Morning Star Vegan Chicken bags for 1.50 each which are usually $ 4.99 dollars each...I stocked up. I also got 22 LA looks hair gels for free and there is so much more. So you see it does pay off.
 I have also been struggling with my RA. I have been really pushing myself these past few months to do everything I can to keep myself moving. My hips, knees and lower back is so full of the arthritis that my morning yoga has been very minimal and rising out of bed in the morning is sometimes a chore. Since I have been eating an enormous amount of raw foods it has helped a lot with the pain making me feel functional again. This has been a really long "FUNK" this time but I hope to be feeling better soon.
I also have been working on my Genealogy, organizing my home better with new gadgets and nice baskets & bins and I have been preparing for a big couponing class in which I will be teaching in October. To top it all off my Canon camera died on me a month ago. I sent it back to the company and they finally reimbursed me for the total amount of the camera. So now I am shopping for a new one and that is why I haven't posted any recipes. I hope to get a new camera within the next few days.
All in all I am fine and I hope to be back with some scrumptious recipes, in the mean while I will post some food information and for this next year I am planning to highlight one blogger every stay tuned because you may be one of my highlighting stars. Love you all.
From my Caribbean Vegan Kitchen...SALUD!

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your struggle but those savings are incredible!


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