Monday, October 31, 2011

The Effects of Extreme Couponing

Since August I have become an extreme couponer. Ever since then my food storage has increased in volume tremendously. I wanted to give you a sneak look at what store coupons has done to my food storage. I have taken some photographs of the things I got for free or for 75% or more off.

The cans of Petite tomatoes and can vegetables were only .20 cents a can with coupons, I bought 30 of each.
The tomato sauces were .10 cents a can and I bought 35 of them. 

The Carolina rice were .39 cents a bag.
The mac & cheese are for my grand-daughters who are not vegan, they were .20 cents each.

The Domino brown sugar were .25 cents a box. I bought 10 of them and this week I am going to buy 10 more for the same price. The mandarin oranges were .20 cents each...I bought 50 of them.

The can beans were .20 cents a piece, I bought 70 cans of assorted types.
The spaghetti sauce was .50 cents a jar. I bought 22 jars.

The flour came out to .98 cents a 5 lb. bag. I bought 10 of them.

10 boxes of Kleenex....50 cents a box.

Spic & Span was .50 cents a bottle...I got 8 of them. Palmolive .50 cents a bottle...I bought 10 of them.
I bought the Glass cleaner for .75 cents an 80% savings. I bought 7 of them.

I bought 24 jars of LA Looks Gel for .20 cents a jar.

Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner, I bought 10 of each for $1.98 a set. Suave shampoo & conditioner, I bought 4 sets for $1.50 a set. Oil of Olay night & day creams that are usually sold for $10.99 a jar...I got them for 1.99 a jar. I bought 8 of them.

Here's a closer look at my 30 oz. jars of LA Looks gel.

I also purchased 6 Tresamme hair sprays and I paid $1.50 for each set 2. 

This was a great buy. I bought 26 boxes of Aquafresh toothpaste for .99 cents a box...this is the large tube of Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste. They are regularly $3.99 a tube. I have tooth paste for a good while and I have 10 more coupons to buy 10 more of them this week.

12-Bounty softener sheets...65 cents box.
4 Arm & Hammer Softener sheets...1.00 for all of them.

11- Snuggle softener...all of them for free.

9- "All detergents"...I got them for free.
1 Wisk...$1.50.

You don't have to pay full price for anything. Gather those store coupons and fill your pantry with everything you need.

I get my coupons through my Sunday newspaper, recycle bins & friends. Be frugal and start today, you will save an enormous amount of money if you do...good luck my friends.


  1. Wow! Millie it will take years to go through all of that stuff!

  2. Hmmm, never paid much attention to couponing because I don't often shop at regular grocery stores. But I see lots of items on you pantry shelf that I use, so I think it is time to start!

  3. Whoa! With that kind of many supplies you can survive for a whole year without going into a grocery. Lol

  4. Wow Millie! Very impressive. You are inspiring me to pay more attention to my shopping.

    I have recently become fascinated with the Extreme Couponing TV show! Living in a city apt (and since it's just me), I don't have much room or need to stockpile...but I do buy what's on sale in bulk. I don't buy personal care products (eg, shampoo, detergent) from the conglomerates on principal (animal testing, questionable ingredients and bad for the environment--most of them), so when a smaller or healthier food co offers a coupon, I grab it!

    Have any tips for peeps like me?

    (Are you on Facebook? If so, please friend me: Dynise Balcavage)

  5. I'd be interested in some tips too. Do you use multiple coupons on a single item to get those sorts of savings?
    P.S. thanks for the info about the hair product, I'm going to order some.


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