Sunday, July 3, 2011

Important News

This post is to inform my vegan followers of why I am taking a little time off from blogging. Let me explain.

In 1990, my son Billy and I were involved in a major car accident. A large GMC truck crashed into us through the passenger side throwing my son towards me. When this occurred I was crushed in between him and my driver door. The force of having my son (who weighed 190 lbs at the time) thrown upon me crushed me towards the driver door with an incredible force that destroyed my back, neck and shoulder. When this crash occurred I also smashed my forehead into my side and front window with an incredible force, a double whammy breaking both windows at the same time.

We were both taken to the hospital by ambulance in which the paramedics thought I had broken my neck. After intensive xrays and scans they told me I had a light hairline fracture on the 4th & 5th vertebrate and since they couldn't do anything for me at the time, I was sent home....go figure that one out.

  I felt a bit bruised but I felt alright to return back to work, so I resumed my daily activities as usual. About a year later I began to experience some horrible pains on my neck, lower back and my left shoulder. The pain on my lower back radiated down my legs, my shoulder pain contributed in missing lots of work days and since I was a hair designer my hands was my livelihood and that wasn't good. My neck and lower back pain slowly progressed through the years and I also began to loose my balance from time to time. While working as a hairdresser throughout the next 20 years after the crash, I was literally in tears every time I blew dried or permed some one's hair. As a hairdresser you have to raise your arms to do it the job, but the pain was so bad that I ended up only working two days a week instead of six eventually contributed to my retirement.

Finding a good doctor to diagnose my suffering took me 21 years to achieve. I came across a Pain Management doctor who performed an EMG of my lower and upper extremities. This test revealed that I had 4 pinched nerves on my spine...two of them on my neck (4 & 5th vertebrate) and two of them on my lower back (L4 & L5).  She felt surgery was necessary so she sent me to see my Neurosurgeon so he could diagnose and surgically correct the problem.

After a long consultation with my surgeon he felt that the pain on my shoulder had nothing to do with my neck and back, so before he could correct my back problems he felt I should see the Orthopedic surgeon to find out what was causing the pain on my shoulder.

 Through xrays the Orthopedic surgeon discovered that my pain was being caused by an old injury (the crash) that tore real badly my rotator cuff. He also told me that my shoulder had been crushed into my clavicle and that the clavicle was then crushed into my neck. This ripple effect had been there since the day of the car accident 22 years ago. He immediately scheduled my shoulder surgery and within 4 days I was under the knife to have it fixed. The Orthopedic surgeon pull out the clavicle from my neck, then he installed my shoulder back into its socket fixing my torn rotator cuff and pinning the shoulder together with the clavicle. He used a titanium pin that now holds it all together. My shoulder and clavicle pain immediately disappeared and today I am pain free.

Then once my shoulder got better my Neurosurgeon took me into surgery to fix my lower back. He put in (2) 4 1/2 inch titanium rods with 4 screws on the side of the 4th &5th vertebrate to hold my spine into its straight position because the vertebrates there had shifted off the spine and were falling off the spinal frame pinching the two nerves in between them on the way down.  After that surgery was done I was also pain free.

Since then my neck pain has blossomed tremendously, so two weeks ago my surgeon performed a Mylogram test on my neck and spine. This test did not display good news at all. The films showed that the 2nd to the 7th vertebrate were all bent over towards the left Scoliosis. The 4 & 5 vertebrate are the worst ones and they are pinching the 2 nerves in between them causing me tremendous pain. Those vertebrates are also clustered and full of arthritis spores, so he now has to clean all that arthritis out there and then he needs to install cadaver bones in between those vertebrates uniting them with titanium plates & screws to hold everything together.

This surgery is ver serious and he has to perform the entire surgery through the front of my throat. So I will have a large scar on my neck which I am not happy about.  I will be recuperating for a long time (months) and I will have to use a neck brace or a halo steel brace around my neck for about 6 to 8 weeks.  My surgery is scheduled for July 6. 

Due to my time convalescing and therapy, I will be away from blogging for a while. I hope to be back in the kitchen and my computer some time soon; sharing with you some more Caribbean Vegan dishes I have already prepared for you. Until then have a wonderful Summer.

I have an extremely amount of faith in God and I know He will see me through this storm once again as He has before. A rainbow always appears after a as soon as my storm stops pouring, Be safe and keep on cooking.

From my Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...Salud & Carinos!


  1. My thoughts will be with you, and I will pray that all goes well and that you recover quickly and that all your pain will be gone. All the best my friend. Hugs

  2. All the best. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  3. I wish you all the best! Hope the medical negligence from 20 years ago can to some amount be undone so can you live pain free again.
    I always enjoyed reading your blog and will wait patiently for your recovery :)

  4. Oh Millie, I hope you heal quickly and completely. Sending lots of warm and healing thoughts your way.


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