Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Delicious Appetizer

I have been working on creating some awesome appetizers and so far this recipe is my favorite. It is simple to make and it so delicious that you can not eat just one or two. So if you make it remember to make a lot of them because they will go fast.

Here's my recipe:

2 or 4 ripe plantain bananas (peeled and cut in circles)
2 packages of cherry tomatoes
1 extra firm tofu
olive oil
chili pepper
garlic powder

Peel and cut your plantain bananas and then simmer them in water with a sprinkle of salt until tender. Then cut the tofu in large enough squares to fit perfectly on the plantain circle. Once the plantain bananas are cooked place them on a large serving plate, top them off with the tofu squares, then sprinkle them lightly with the chili pepper, salt & garlic powder. Then place a cherry tomato on top of each of them securing everything together with a toothpick. Pour the olive oil generously over them and serve. Tell your guest to smear the appetizer over the olive oil...ENJOY!


  1. These sound great, and are so pretty...really an original appetizer. I love plaintain, thanks for this recipe!

  2. Those look great, and a beautiful way to use plantains. They're a food I don't use enough of, considering I live in the tropics!

  3. I never thought of using plantains this way-very creative!


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