Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baked Beans Served on Baked Yellow Squash, Batata & Pico de Gallo

In this dish you will find yellow Squash, Batata and Pico de Gallo. 
Batata is a Spanish sweet potato that is so delicious eating it boiled with olive oil is all you need to chow this root down. The flavor is very gentle and soft to swallow with a sweet smooth flavor.  Its outer layer has a pinkish/purple color and it is either round or in a kidney shape.  Batata come in a variety of sizes and they are very inexpensive. 
This was a great meal and very filling.

Baked Beans

1/2 block of firm tofu (cut & diced in small pieces)

1 can of  kidney beans

1/4 c. brown sugar

1/2 of sweet onion (diced in fine small pieces)

1/3 c. ketchup

1/3 c. yellow mustard

1/4 c. sugar free maple syrup

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

1/8 tsp. of black pepper

2 envelopes of Jamon

(artificial ham flavoring found in any Spanish section at your local grocery store)
In a mixing bowl mix together all these ingredients and then place the beans on top of a half sliced yellow squash, bake it for 45 minutes covered with foil at 365 degrees. Also peel your Batata and bake on the side of the squash wrapped in foil.

Pico de Gallo
Chop in small pieces
 1 eight oz. containers very ripe cherry tomatoes or 4 large tomatoes

1 large yellow onions
1 bunch Cilantro

1 avocado

2 fresh jalapeno peppers

 1/2 lemon and 1/2 lime juice

1/3 c. olive oil
Mix all ingredients in a bowl and allow it to sit a few minutes before serving.  
Serve the squash with the baked beans, sliced baked Batata and Pico de Gallo on the excellent meal.

Some Medical Updates on my Allergy

All of you know by now how much I have been battling a terrible food allergic reaction from something I ate. Well, I have discovered through my allergist that I am now allergic to yeast. Every time I eat bread I breakout really bad. I am currently going through my third breakout since September.  I had been thinking about yeast being the corporate of my illness because I would itch badly after I ate any kind of  bread. After an extensive 3 hour meeting with my allergist he realized that bread would always be in the for front of our conversation and on the list of items I ate every time I would breakout. Its been 4 days without bread and the itch stopped and the redness is now pink. 

Since I cannot eat any foods with yeast anymore, some of the foods I had planed to prepare for my blog will not come to be. Its a little change in diet and a minor change in how I prepare and post my dishes.

I will leave my bread recipes on my recipe labels for you to make and enjoy.

I now must eat Jewish unleavened bread from now on and I must also follow a low glycemic diet in order to keep my body from accumulating toxins in the blood, liver and kidneys which adds to my allergy rashes. Hey...maybe now I will loose weight...That would be a good thing!

From my Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...SALUD!


  1. Millie, I'm sorry to hear about your allergy to yeast. One more thing to add to your list. There are many "quick" breads that do not require yeast. Are those okay for you?

  2. Sorry about your allergy. Since you are such wonderful cook I'm sure this set back will barely slow you down. I can't wait to see all your new creative recipes.

  3. Blessedmama...I haven't check any recipes without yeast other than Jewish unleavened bread. Do you have any recipes or know of any blogs or sites that have them...let me know.

    Jennifer, It is going to be an experience to cook with low glycemic foods and no yeast. I hope I can do it well.

  4. Hi Millie! I love matzoh, but can you not also eat sprouted grain breads like Ezekial? They would give you a whole other level of enjoyment. :)

  5. Ezekiel Bread is made from freshly sprouted, organic live grains—they're low-glycemic and yeast free! They make all kinds of breads, even English muffins, pita bread, and tortillas! Check them out here:




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