Sunday, September 26, 2010


I simply LOVE Italian food. Aside from my Spanish food, Italian is my second choice. I am so grateful for vegan mozzarella cheese, because when I embraced veganism I thought I was going to become a rabbit...only eating vegetables for the rest of my life. But when my daughter-in-law introduced me to all the vegan foods that were available to us.... I was thanking God for whoever came up with all these vegan cheeses. My prayers were answered. AMEN!!!!!!!

I first experienced vegan mozzarella cheese at my son's house when my daughter-in-law made a delicious Eggplant Parmesan. I though I had died and gone to heaven when I took the first bite. It was so good I had to bring some home for the next day but it didn't last until the next day....I ate it all that night....and I slept like a newborn baby....delightful.

Ever since then I have tried almost every vegan cheese flavor available but my favorite will always be mozzarella. In Matrch I made this small lasagna and I have been trying to get all of these food photos out of the camera so I can finally  delete them.

Most of you all know how to make lasagna and some of you make the best lasagna around, so I won't bore you with my recipe. One thing though... I do make my own homemade sauce. I will give you my recipe soon.

From my kitchen to yours....Salud!


  1. This looks great! I want to make a lasagna. I have never made one.

  2. Hmm vegan mozzarella! There are not conveniently available over here, only a few health shops sell them. So whenever I buy some, they are like treats!

  3. We've tried lots of brands (I guess every one we've ever seen) of vegan cheese and Daiya is our favorite. I highly recommend it. :-)

  4. Julie...that's the brand I buy, it is the best and it taste like real cheese.

    Lovliebutterfly...if you go on the internet...whole Foods might mail you some...try it.

    Haymarket...try my recipe its in my recipe files under pasta.


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