Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rheumatoid Arthritis Health "Part 1"

There has been many researchers who are always trying to prove that what we eat has a lot to do with the illnesses we are suffering from and how we feel.

I am a strong believer of that doctrine and I feel that by changing our diet we can stop many illnesses from developing and from getting worse. Since my diagnosis with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis I decided not only to research well my illness but to also find a way to suppress its growth even more.  I suffer from severe crippling arthritis, I wear 2 steel braces on both my feet from my knees down, I have had 1 ankle transplant and many surgeries to correct the crippling effects this illness has done to my body. After one years of suffering with severe swollen joints and pain, I became a vegetarian trying to find a way to ease the pain...then the following year I became a full devoted vegan. 

Throughout my research on the vegan diet I discovered that a vegan diet is the best suitable diet there is for people who suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cystic Fibrosis, Lung disease, Asthma  & Allergies. I read that by these patients removing dairy and meat from their diet helped lowered their symptoms by almost 40%. This was music to my ears, so I decided to clean my pantry and my refrigerator out and start fresh again.

 After this change in diet my painful & swollen joints went back to normal and I was able to resume my work as a hair designer.  The red rashes I had been suffering with since I was a little girl disappeared.  The cat that lived in my chest roaring every second of the day disappeared clearing my chest out from asthma and the fibrosistic tumors I had all over my two breasts had also disappeared. The high cholesterol that had me on cholesterol medication for the past 2 years was normal and the high sugar levels which made me a borderline Diabetic was also normal. I not only felt better but I looked so much know what I mean?????  To top it off "ALL" my arthritis medications (5 in total) were completely removed from me and I added 11 vitamins to my daily life which support and help in the care of RA.
After my Rheumatologist noticed how the vegan diet along with vitamins had done so well with my illness, he decided to do more research on the vegan diet mixed with these vitamins. He now sells all these vitamins in his office and he promotes the vegan diet along with these vitamins to all his patients. 

Here is my list of vitamins:

Fish Oil...1,000 units...Twice a day
Folic acid....400...once a day
1 Multi-vitamin...once a day
Salmon Oil 1,000 units....Twice a day
MSM....once a day
Calcium 600...twice a day
Vitamin D...1,000 units...twice a day
Vitamin C...1,000 ...once a day
High potency B Complex...once a day
High Potency Magnesium...500 once a day
B 12...1,000 once a day
Now that I live on veggies and fruits, I must admit I feel fabulous with zero pain and NO swelling.

Next week...Part 2 to this statement.

From My Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...SALUD!


  1. I have psoriatic arthritis, which is similar to the arthritis you had/have. I've been reading your blog for awhile, but can't remember now if you avoid gluten or not. I've been vegan for awhile, and it seems to have helped somewhat...but still have to take Ibuprofen once a day. I guess that's better than 3 times a day tho, so there IS progress! The hardest thing for me to give up is the gluten - I do love breads!

  2. Oh, Millie, I'm so happy for you - what a testimony to healthy way of life!

  3. BJ...I understand how you feel about bread and removing the gluten, but there is gluten free bread and flour then you can make your own bread. I am currently trying to remove gluten from my diet as well as yeast. I am planning to also do at least 50% raw...which can eliminate any pain and stiffness I may experience. But since I have been on the vegan diet and I take all these vitamins- I no longer have to take any pain pills or any medications for my arthritis.

    Blessedmama...thank you...I am here to make everyone aware of the vegan diet and its rewards.oxoxoxo

  4. I am glad that the vegan diet is working to ease your pain and discomfort. It is a difficult choice to make sometimes.

  5. You sound a lot like my mom... ( she is also a hairstylist )she suffers from high cholesterol and has pain in her hands. I try so hard to get her to eat right, delivering her food three times a week..but on the other days she continues to eat a lot of beef and chicken. I wish she cared more about her health, as you do. I think some people just like to choose food over health. It's no wonder so many Americans take pills for every kind of illness when the real cure for most of them is a vegan diet.
    Have you read The China Study? It's talks about exactly what you just stated..the powder of food.

  6. me again....yes, I've baked lots and lots of GF breads, but tho some are quite good, it's just not the same! What brand of vitamins are you taking?

  7. BJ...a study was done through Woman's Day magazine and a few years ago on Ophra she had a vitamin specialist who spoke on vitamins and he stated that the best vitamins were found at was stated on both the magazine & on Ophra. Walmart gets all there vitamins from companies that extract the pureness of the plants to make their vitamins. Their vitamins also provide the best potency.
    I have been purchasing them from Walmart for years and you get more pills for less money. A large bottle of fish oil (1,000 units...300 pills) is only $9.99. That is a great buy. I hope this works for you and everyone out there and BJ you can find out for yourself by looking it up in the internet. Let me know where you buy your vitamins.

    Jacklyn...I have never read that book but I will get it as soon as I can drive again (doctors orders) Thanks.

  8. I'm so glad you posted about this. I have RA as well. Since going gluten-free and vegan my symptoms have almost completely disappeared. I occasionally have a little pain in my hands or feet, but that is easily remedied by eating some fresh raw or frozen cherries (known for their anti-inflammation and pain-relieving properties). xoxo

  9. Thank you Julie for stopping by and for the info on the cherries...I was unaware of the anti inflamatory medical results cherries have...I will stock up the freezer next week when I go shopping...oxoxoxoxoxo


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