Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ideas on Party & Holiday Table Settings

All of us at one time or another have guests for dinner, a nice party gathering or just a great cookout in the back yard. No matter what you are planning to enjoy with your family and friends, a nice displayed table should be as good as the food you are serving.

I love to entertain and I enjoy cooking...especially for large crowds.  For my son's wedding shower I cooked a 4 course meal to all 150 ladies that attended and I truly enjoyed cooking for that many ladies. No matter the amount of guests you are sitting at the dinner table, always make sure you have these items to start the uuuuuu's and ahhhhh's as they enter the dinning room.

1.  Start your party by sending theme invitations at least 3 weeks before your dinner party with your RSVP phone number included in it. Let your invitation display your theme and continue that theme throughout the entire event.  

2. Set your table with your selected theme or Holiday.

3. Use an array of colors on your table. Bring the colors out of your dishes by displaying them in your tablecloth, napkins, candles, floral arrangements & the silverware.

4. Serve an appetizer, a salad, an a main dish accompanied by one or two desserts.

5.  Have a small gift for each guest. A nice pen,  a flower, a napkin ring for them to take home or a nicely print out recipe you may be serving that evening.

Serving a nice Table

1. Use patterned dishes on top of another patterned dish. Color coordinate your them well and display them with a very nice plate charger or plate mat.

2. Having a tea party...use Country or Victorian dishes with a floral design, these dishes enhances the tea party theme very well and use at least 2 colors from those dishes to decorate your table with.

3. An old fashioned charm table decor is always great for coffee and desserts. 

4. Ringing in the Christmas holiday...use a Christmas theme adorned with hollies, red velvet bows & Christmas dishes. Use a wire and tie some berries or jingle bells to it for a napkin rings. This theme is up to your great imagination...have fun with it. 

5. Having a romantic dinner...candles, soft music and dimmed lights always sets the mood for romance.  Make that special someone their favorite dish and use a black & white theme... it is elegant and very classy.

6. Having a friend over for some hot coco....set a nice red & brown colored table...these colors for some reason unites your friendship. Set some cinnamon sticks on a tin cup surrounded by country berries as a center piece and the cinnamon scent enrich the room with a country scent as you both sip on coco. Its quite lovely.

7. Having a lot of guests over for a nice card night....set a buffet with small snacking treats like fresh baked cookies, veggies, chips  & dip, crackers & cheese, and some great punch to enjoy the night away. Set up your buffet with a nice colored theme and stack your dishes for easy access,  serve your dips and sauces in tall champagne glasses. They give the buffet table height with a burst of color.

8. Having a nice white dinner table, then keep everything white and accent it with silver candlesticks and  white candles. Its a classy and a very elegant way to go.

Enjoy your lovely dinner with these helpful tips...I always use these ideas when I am entertaining. 

From my Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...SALUD!!!!


  1. I really like the idea of printing out a recipe for each person! That is very cool.

  2. You have such a knack for entertaining. It is inspiring. xoxo

  3. Good tips. I can print these out the next time I entertain. Thanks, Millie! I'm thinking of you today - surgery - take care.

  4. Great post with great ideas! I also love to entertain, and will definitely have to use some of your ideas. I especially like the idea of serving dips and sauces in champagne glasses. Very classy!!

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