Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Steamed Calabaza & Plantanos

As most of you have noticed how much I love Plantains with all the recipes I use them in...but another great "vianda food"  I love is "Calabaza"...Calabaza is a Spanish squash which is related to the pumpkin family and it is a favorite in most Puerto Ricans.  Calabaza is absolutely delicious and its great flavor is unique.  This vianda food is harvested throughout all Latin American Countries.  Once the Calabaza is cooked ...(either boiled, steamed, baked or fried based in flour & sweet spices) its very delicioso. Calabaza has an orange interior & it is green on the outside, its round and it is a little hard to cut unless you have a very sharp butcher knife.

The inside of the Calabaza is full of seeds which needs to be removed before cooking.  When we cook Calabaza we always leave the outer skin on and after cooking we eat that skin ...that's where all the flavor & vitamins are. I love it and I eat it a lot in many different ways.

This time I steamed my Calabaza with green plantains in my rice steamer, I served it with lots of avocados, onions, green beans, and some mashed garlic & some sprinkles of apple cider vinegar, salt & black pepper...it is also delicious with some hot sauce. It was certainly delicious and a good meal for any vegan.

 Calabazas are usually found in any Spanish store near you...Chow hearty & ENJOY!!!!

From My Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...SALUD Everyone!

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  1. Another wonderfully creative ethnic dish. Thank you, Millie! :-)


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