Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Desserts... #2...& The Sale of the Week

Another great Summer dessert. I cut up fresh pinapple, mangos, strawberries and red grapes...I tossed them in a large bowl blending them well, then after serving myself a portion of it... I then melted for a few seconds in the microwave 1 tablespoon of  mango sauce & 2 tablespoons of Goya mango syrup. I poured it over my fruit serving with some fresh nuts....OH!!! OH!!! OH!!!.... let me tell you ...IT IS DIVINE!!! I went to heaven and came back for more...LOL...LOL...yes I did.... I had 3 servings...bad girl...but it was tooooooo good.

Since I made this delightful fruit serve, I have had to make 2 more bowls full of fruit to keep up with my eating attraction to it. Hope you can enjoy this cool and refreshing dessert. It really knocked my socks off.

You can use also fruit preserves melthed in the microwave with you favorite syrup. I have tried sugar free  strawberry preserves with strawberry syrup, blueberry preserve with blueberry syrup. They were all DELICIOSO!!!

Sale of the week...I went to pick up my weekly fruits & veggies on Monday and at our Sheffild Marc's store I found Jlo's "Show" cologne, Mariah Carey's "Butterfies" cologne and a knock off of  "White Diamonds in which I couldn't tell the difference on the knock off and the real White Diamonds in which I buy every 2 months.  I paid for each bottle only $2.99. I bought one of each. And they smell divine. Mariah's & Jlo's cologne was the real stuff. I went back today to get some more but I only found 1 Jlo cologne left on the shelf and I bought it. All the others were all gone and when I went there the first time there was over 40 bottles on the shelf, so in 5 days they had all disappeared.

Great Buy!!!!

From Millie Caribbean Kitchen to yours....CHOW!


  1. Nothing like fresh fruit in the summer.

    And like you, I love pretty scents. Do you have "Lush" stores in PR? (They sell mostly vegan cosmetics, shampoos, soaps and bath products.) We have one here in Philly and the gorgeous smells always draw me in.

  2. I do not know if there is a Lush store there...I live in Cleveland Ohio now. But in San juan PR in EL Condado they have every store imaginable...every store you can find in Rodeo Drive in Bevery Hills you can also find it PR (El Condado area). I am going to be in Bethlehem PA on the last weekend in July to visit my Mom...I love that area of the will be nice to go home again.

  3. Whoa! Check out that new beautiful picture you have up top! Makes me want to dig right in. I'm so sorry you missed me. :-( I'm here, just weekly, that's all. Until I lose my weight, that is. I love your summer foods idea. And I also like your "sale of the week" addition, too. Keep it up, Millie!

  4. I've been eating a lot of pineapple and mangoes lately and you've just inspired me to start adding nuts to my fresh fruit - yum!

  5. blessedmama...good luck on the weight loss. happy I can inspire with a little nits...good job.

  6. Your fruit bowl looks awesome! I have been eating tons of fruit this summer! It is such a nice way to cook down.


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