Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chunky Cheesy White Bean & Broccoli Soup, Great Store & Second Hand Finds

By now you all should have noticed throughout my blog posts that I love flavorful foods...due to all the spices I use in them. That is a "Latin thing" and I cannot change that. It comes from my cultural genes and traditions, but no matter what your culture may be, the bottom truth is that "us vegans" all love good food.

A good spiced dish is the key to a great meal and if they are fresh spices & herbs then it is even better.

This last Wednesday after two doctor appointments I stopped at my favorite food store "Marc's" to check out their sales for the day. This store carries every brand imaginable but the great thing I love about Marc's is that every morning from 7am to 10am they clean very well their produce section and they refill it with fresh fruits & vegetables. Then they put the produce they feel has to be removed into the reduced section...where everything is sold for no more than a $1.00 a is full of good and not damaged fruits & vegetables. This section is a gold mine to a vegan/vegetarian. I go there once a week and I always get there about 9am before it is all picked over...its a winning lottery ticket for me every time.

This week I found these fresh herbs...3 for $1.00.

They were fresh and no damage to them...excellent condition.
There was Thyme, Oregano, & Tarragon. Many of you know how expensive each
one of them are but for .33 cents each it was a vegan's dream. Once I began dinner that evening my herbs were the crown jewel to my chunky soup. And after spicing up my dish with all these fresh herbs it was chow time with some homemade wheat biscuits. What a delightful treat. The result was that I made so much that now I have 6 serving bowls in the freezer for 6 more meals. YEAH!!!!!

My recipe...

6 to 8 crowns of broccoli ( chopped in nice chunks)
2 c. white beans
1/2 a block of firm tofu
1 finely chopped yellow onion
2 boxes of vegetable broth
2 c. non-dairy milk
2 tablespoons of non-dairy butter
1 block of gourmet mozarella cheese
6 (well mashed) fresh garlic pieces
1 large celery stem (finely chopped)
4 cillantro sprigs (finely chopped)
3 sprigs of fresh Oregano, Thyme & Tarragon (all finely chopped)
1/8 tsp. black pepper
1/2 tsp. red crushed peppers
1 tsp. salt
2 envelopes of Jamon
 (Spanish Ham ham in this product, it only taste like it)

1/2 envelope of Sazon with Culantro & Achiote
2 tablespoons of fresh homemade sofrito (recipe on file)

In your blender place your tofu, milk & cheese. Blend them all until very smooth & creamy. Then in a large cooking pot place all your ingredients. pouring over them all of the blender mix and then cook it all on Med. heat until everything is cooked and a nice gravy has consumed. Serve with your favorite sandwich or crackers. Enjoy this hearty meal. It is divine!

As a very frugul person I have always been drawn to things that are modern yet traditional, good quality, and that they may be a treasure in my home. "Everything" I have has been purchased for very little money. Second hand items can sometimes be a treasure and reupolstering, re-painting, re-staining or modifying a piece of furniture is a joy for me. . Check out my other blog
to see the sofa I picked up for $100.00 dollars and the shelf for $8.00 dollars below that post. entire house is all furnished by second hand garage sale items, estate sale finds and sometimes I get super lucky and a treasure can be found on the curb...that's a great treat. Just take a peek at my other blog to see my nest full of those treasures.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. tell me what you think and let me know of any treasures you have found second hand

From my Carribean Vegan Kitchen to yours!


  1. That soup looks so creamy and yummy! :)

  2. Millie, your soup sounds great and filling. Good for you on being frugal - we are too.

  3. What a great buy on the herbs!! Congrats. And your second-hand shopping...score! Good for you. =) Your recipe looks yummy too. xoxo

  4. wow that looks GOOD! putting it on my "dishes-to-make" list!

  5. Thanks everyone, the soup was delicious and super is also so easy to make. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Millie, that soup looks delicious! I love thyme!


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