Sunday, May 23, 2010

Berry-Berry Good Tofu Pancakes

PANCAKES...who doesn't LOVE PANCAKES!!!!

I don't think there is a person in this world that doesn't love pancakes. It is one of the best breakfast foods that can be eaten anythime of the day.

This weekend my two grand-daughters were sleeping over and as usuall they want pancakes for breakfast...though their pancakes had to have chocolate chips in them, mine were more healthier. I added to my pancakes lots of small diced tofu inside the mix and I embellished them with fresh blueberries and some sugar free blueberry syrup. I must admit they were divine and I ate five of them. I hope you try this recipe... it was too good for me to only eat two pancakes....YIPES!!!! there went my diet!!!!

I used Organic pancake mix and I added the tofu inside the mix.

A breakfast meal that can be eaten at any time of the day. What a treat!

Weekend photos

When my grand-daughters are here for the weekend I always have a craft for them to make. I found a great sandle craft that was posted on my good friend Jocelyn's blog . So this weekend the girls embellish inexpensive sandles with ballons just like Jocelyn did with her daughter's sandles. I bought the sandles & the balloons at Dollartree..Total craft cost for two pairs of sandles & 4 packages of colored balloon...$6.00 dollars. Here is Natalia wearing her pretty sandles with her new Summer dress in which she looked great after Nana curled her hair before going to a friend's Birthday party. Check out the photos below.

 Natalia with her hair curled...cute.

Here are those cute balloon sandles we decorated.

 She looked so cute and her colorful sandles match beautifully with her Summer dress.

My oldest grand-daughter Paloma didn't finish her sandles...she wanted to finish them with her Mom.

Another great weekend with the the people I love the baby girls.


  1. Cute kid! I would gobble those pancakes up!

  2. I am so happy to have discovered your blog!--- I adore everything Puerto Rican and am so stoked that you have a vegan PR blog.

    Your granddaughter is beautiful...and I love her rainbow outfit and flip flops.


  3. Hi, Millie! I have a prize for you on my blog dated May 25th. Come on over and get it. :-)


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