Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Scrumptious Dinner & My Recent Medical Update

Red Rice & Gandules (recipe on file)

Today I spent a good time of the day in my kitchen because I was having our church sister missionaries over for dinner. I usually have them over for dinner once a month for a good home cooked meal. I always try to make some of my cultural foods because they rarely get a chance to eat this type of food. 

This Friday I made them some red rice with gandules (Goya piegon peas), I served it with some of my homemade wheat tortillas in which I filled them with lots of grilled veggies.  Zuchinni, portobello mushrooms, sweet onions, green bell peppers, lots of ripe plantain bananas smothered in melted mozarella cheese with freshly sliced avocados. I also mixed together a large toss salad (romaine, spinach, tomatoes, broccolli & cauliflower, then for dessert we had a great jello salad filled with strawberries, pineapple chunks & mandarian oranges. 

 Here are my dinner photos.

I made 32 homemade wheat tortillas.
(Sorry guys, I  cannot disclose my tortilla recipe until they are patented)

The night before I marinated all the veggies with lots of oilive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, black pepper & one entire large garlic head (well mashed). I then mixed the veggies well refrigerating them over night and out of the fridge an hour before grilling.

Here are my veggies ready for the fridge.

Grilling these veggies drove my hunger pangs on tornado mode. The aroma was insane and my stomach was screaming for some.

After grilling them I did serve myself a small dish...sorry guys I couldn't control myself.

Veggies all grilled up.

Grilled vegggies are inside the tortilla.

It was another great delicious dinner and we were all stuffed and super happy.

That day I also made 2 loaves of wheat bread.

It was a very nice day.

My Medical Update

Last Friday I had a Mylogram done in which I had to lay flat afterwards for 5 hours in the hospital. As soon as my surgeon injected the dye into my spinal cord the pictures quickly revealed what has been causing my back pain. My C4 & C5 veterbrate is almost completely off its frame pinching 2 nerves on the way down.  This move of veterbrates have caused me dreadful pain for the passed 15 years. My RA has also contribute to this pain destroying most of my spine clustering it with arthritis spores around and in the vetebrate areas. This August I will be going back under the knife to correct this matter and hopefully I will be pain free. 

Every illness has its good & its bad side effects, but arthritis has the effect of destroying every bone in the body. The pain RA gives is very dreadful and if the person is unaware that their diet has a lot to do with that pain, they will eventually suffer for the rest of their lives eating venon food. Since I have been a vegan now for 6 years, my arthritis pains have decreased and I have NO swelling in my joints, especially my hands. That's why I encourage anyone who suffers from RA to change their diet because by eliminating dairy & meat from their diet they can live pain free.

Live well, Be Happy & Love much!

From my Caribbean vegan kitchen to yours!


  1. Lucky missionaries. Hope your surgery this summer helps you, Millie. :-)

  2. Yes Blessed Mama, they are very lucky...everyone in the church spoils them. They are great kids doing the Lord's work.

  3. What a lovely looking meal. =)

    I have RA too, though I am not very symptomatic these days. So, I feel for you in a Big way. I was diagnosed at the age of 16 when swelling and pain in my knees wouldn't go away. I'm hoping and praying that staying on a high raw vegan diet will keep the disease from progressing.

    I'll be keeping you in my prayers, sweetie. xoxo

  4. I am very happy that i am eating a lot more raw foods because my RA is much better since I started to eat more raw. I have gotten used to eating raw that I automatically go for it without thinking of what I need to cook for a meal. I definitely meed to buy more raw foods but getting to out to our specialty store in Cleveland is sometimes impossible...and its a long drive for me. So I go there only every other month. I am eating an immensive amount of fresh vegetables, fruits & nuts and I am actually eating only three home cooked meals a week. Thank you for stopping by Julie...may God bless.

  5. Congratulations on turning your health around, Millie! You are a shining example of how we need to take responsibility for our own bodies and stop fueling them with foods that make us sick.

    Your tortillas look amazing, and so does your bread! You're quite the gifted bread maker!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and also for commenting! Did you happen to notice my previous post about the new book Viva Vegan!? I thought you might find it of interest.

    Smiles, and hugs, Gail

  6. Thank you Vegiegail, I love to bake bread but it does settle on my I must watch how much bread I eat. Stop by again.

  7. I found your beautiful blog as I was searching for more delicious vegag recipes on the web. Your pictures and recipes are so inspiring (and causing me to be super hungry right now!)

    I'll be trying some of these recipes. Thank you for posting them. Only problem is, where do I start? They all look so good!

  8. The food looks so good. Thank you for the kind words about my two little guys.

    We will be thinking about you and sending well wishes in August for your surgery.

  9. Pigeon peas are awesome! I am sorry to hear about your back issues. I have many myself. I first threw my back out when I was 19 carrying a case of tofu!


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