Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yautia Roots & Green Plantains

In Puerto Rico fresh grown roots, plantians,  fruits & vegetables are harvested in every one's back yard.  These food products are always part of their everyday meal and these great nutritious foods can be found all around the island. Everyone in the island has a great piece of land in their own property harvesting throughout the year many of these types of roots and plantains accompanied by an amazing amount of fruits trees, herbs & vegetables. The islanders consume about 50% of their diet from home grown foods harvested from their own back yards.  It is not unusual for them to go in their house everyday with either a huge basket of fresh fruit like mangos, quenepas, oranges or fresh roots dug right out of the ground that day. Visiting family throughout the island always ends up being a feast surrounded by these fresh homegrown products. 

After living in the States for the past 45 years, I have come to appreciate those exquisit fresh fruits and vegetables my family grew in their farm. My Grandfather would bring into the house every morning around 6am a giant sack full of fresh coffee beans for my Grandmother to grind in the grinder for their morning coffee. The smell of those coffee beans grinding was absolutely amazing and very mezmarizing to me. I have great memories of that smell every time I pass the coffee section at our local grocery store; as the consumers are grinding their fresh coffee beans. What a delightful aroma....there's nothing like it and I always stop to inhale that wonderful scent. 

As I recuperate from those memories, I come today with one of my favorite roots "Yautia". Yautia is no other than "Taro roots". But if you want some large delicious roots make sure you buy them at a Spanish grocery store...they are the best thing to homegrown...just like my Grandpa's homegrown ones.

This is a picture of what Yautia looks like.

After these roots are boiled in salt water and served with olive oil it is a delight to eat. It has a very smooth texture and I love to eat them with green plantain bananas. They both remind me of my Grandfather as he always brought them in the house for my Grandmother to cook for us to eat at lunch time.

My recipe for two:

2 large yautia (taro roots)
2 large green plantain
2 cups of fresh carrots or mini carrots
1 avocado
olive oil
1/2 tsp. salt
1 sliced sweet or yellow onion

Peel your roots, carrots & plantains, then cut the roots in four pieces with your carrots. Put them in a pot to boil for 30 minutes with a 1/2  teaspoon of salt. Serve on a plate with sliced avocado (sorry I took the photos before putting in my avocado), sliced onions and dress it up with some fresh parsely and then smother this dish with olive oil. is superb! 

From Millie's Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours!


  1. Oh wow! This actually reminds me of where I come from which is Mauritius. Long ago it was like this, people would harvest these roots and vegetables in their backyard. But now land is scarce. In Mauritius we also make curry with the taro roots and green bananas. So tasty! This salad looks absolutely yummy!

  2. You make it sound so easy! I have to say the picture looks like corned beef and cabbage. It's amazing how those roots look. Nice family memories for you. :)

  3. Sounds delicious! And I love reading the stories of life as it was when you were growing up. Lovely. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

  4. Looks really great. I am glad to see some new ingredients to use!


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