Sunday, February 7, 2010

Braided French Bread

I am a sucker for bread. I could eat it in every meal, but I must also watch my weight. I can't remember the last time I purchased bread because I always try to make my own. I rarely make white bread but I really craved a piece of it. So I made a loaf, I cut it in about 7 pieces and I put them in the freezer for whenever I get those cravings again. It was delicious and very hard to stay away from.
This recipe does require shortening because bread does not taste good to me if there is no shortening. That's what makes it smooth, fluffy and so desirable with some non-dairy butter melting all over it.
My recipe:
3 c. flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar
1 fast rising yeast package
3 c. hot water
1/3 c. non- dairy butter
In a small bowl pour yeast and 1 c. hot water, stir well and set aside until needed. In a large bowl pour flour, salt & sugar, mix well. Then add yeast mixture, butter & the rest of the hot water...if flour is not well mixed and it needs more water just add more hot water to the mix, then add 3 large tablespoons of shortening, start kneading by hand, and as you knead sprinkle more flour & more shortening by hand scoopful, knead well adding these ingredients over & over again until the flour mixture is no longer sticky but nicely floured. Place flour dough inside the floured bowl and cover with a clean towel. Let it sit for 1 hour. Then knead for about 15 more minutes. Set it back into the bowl and cover for another hour. Repeat the kneading and then separate dough in 3 pieces. Knead each one for about 3 minutes and roll with both hands to make 3 long pieces. Then braid them to create a beautiful braided bread like the picture below. Smear more butter on top and let it rise for 30 minutes, bake at 375 until golden brown...about 25 to 30 minutes.

It was delicious with melted non-dairy butter & mozzarella cheese.


  1. These look super good! Nice and soft while being crunchy in the right spots! :)

  2. That is a beautiful loaf of bread! =) You've got skills, my friend.

  3. Mmm, I love homemade bread. It's kind of a goal of mine to make it more this year. A loaf never lasts more than two days around here, especially when it's first warm. Your's looks beautiful! I can smell it from here. :)

  4. Beautiful! Makes me want to bake.

  5. Great idea to brush melted butter on top! Since I don't do the egg washes, my breads always turn out a little dull. I'll have to try this :)


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