Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baked Acorn Squash

This time of the year is such a great way to embrace the Fall & the holiday season that is emerging by eating many varieties of Squash.
Squash can be made in so many ways...so in this dish after I cleaned out the acorn squash I then mixed in a bowl 1 Tablespoon of honey, red wine vinegar (2 tsp.), sugar free maple syrup (2 tsp), diced 1/2 of a yellow onion & 1/8 tsp. garlic powder, black pepper & salt. Once I got the taste just right I poured all the mixture over the bowl full of chopped zucchini, yellow squash, diced fresh green beans, red bell peppers & cabbage (1/2 cup each) with the diced tofu ( firm) , mixed in about a handful of mozzarella cheese to the mixture and I stuffed 2 halves of acorn squash. I placed them in a baking dish and I covered them with foil. Baked them for 35 minutes at 375 degrees. It was fabulous and a very filling meal.
"De mi casa a tu casa"

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