Friday, October 9, 2009

The Island of Puerto Rico...A Vegan's Paradise

I was asked by some friends to re-post this blog entry, so here it is.

Puerto Rico... an island full of tropical palm trees, exotic birds, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Filled with beauty and a tourist's delight.  Every angle of the island is surrounded by deep green foliage and flowers that beautify this Caribbean haven. It has deep blue skies and ocean waters that surrounds this small island and can be driven in its entirely in one day.The island itself is 35 by 100 miles.

The entire island has a year round temperature range from 70 to 90 degrees; providing its tourists with beautiful hotels filled with casinos. The island also has every sport imaginable throughout the island to enjoy. There is an array of dancing clubs, magnificent golf courses, top of the line designer stores & Malls, cock fight arenas in almost every town throughout the island and all the homes & buildings are perfectly manicured and kept beautifully clean. This island is a vegan's paradise and a tourist's dream.

Below I have displayed a few of my personal photographs and through time there will be more to come. Enjoy!

Our arrival in Puerto Rico


The Spanish Fort...El Morro



The beautiful green Mountains.

The Brick stone streets of El Condado in San Juan.

All our buildings and homes are all painted in pastel colors throughout the island.

The Governor's mansion.

Sorry my vegan friends but Cock Fights are legal in Puerto Rico.  

The sunsets in Puerto Rico are so romantic. 

Come visit the island of Puerto Rico and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean.

From my Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...SALUD!

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