Sunday, July 12, 2009

Millie's Wall Designs...#1

This blog entry is not about food, its a small entry of some of the work I did for many years. I wanted to share with you some of the paintings I created throughout many years of painting, murals, faux finished walls, feathered and marble designs. This is only a handful of photos for you to see. I will slowly share more through time. My next entry will be my vegan lasagna. It is very good. Until next week ...Chow!
Victorian Design
I painted this design for a Victorian room. I used beautiful tones of rose, pinks, champagne cream and green. It was absolutely gorgeous after the drapes were installed.
I created this wall design for the back wall of a young man's bed. He really loved it.

I made this window cornice for a client after I faux finished her family room walls in two tones of cream.

I matched a clients bedroom walls to the wall border she wanted me to put up.

Another border to match the walls.

This was a vein design I created for a large column I painted for an attorney's office.

This is a feathered marble wall I painted in an entrance way. You can't see it but it has thin gold leaf lines painted in between each long square to give it the true look of marble slates.

After marbleizing the walls in this bathroom I hand stenciled a border in wine, gold and white.

Crackling furniture is wonderful. Here are two designs I did on on canvas to show a client.

Have a great day.


  1. That is very nice work! Thanks for sharing! I recognize the feathered/marbled entryway...and it is even more beautiful in real life!

  2. That is so beutiful! You're very talented!


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