Saturday, June 27, 2009

Graduation Cookies

Lemon Squares
Hi everyone, Well I am back...but sorry guys these cookies are not vegan. I baked all these cookies for my nephew's high school graduation party. And since no one in the family is vegan, I had to use all the dairy products that are bad for us "vegans". But I had to show off all the cookies I made...about 400. Everyone loved them...but I did not eat them, I only baked them.
I promise to make all these cookies...vegan style and I promise to share the recipes with everyone. Enjoy the cookie view since that's all we vegans can do. LOL...

Cookie table
M&M, Gumdrops, chocolate chips. peanut butter balls & pumpkin bars

Chocolate Frosted pretzels and so many to mention


  1. wow 400 cookies when did u start to bake those. I have a dinner party coming up and I planned to do some lemon square vegan style though. The spread is lovely. You have to veganize some of those Millie. Keep up the good work. The song is cool. Very relaxing:)

  2. It took me 3 days to bake them all. I will bake them vegan style and I will post the recipes. Thanks for stopping by.


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