Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fried Plantain Bananas


These large green bananas (Platanos) is the best side dish you can have with any meal especially with rice & beans or on their own. In Puerto Rico these plantain bananas are one of our essential side dishes and they are cooked in a variety of ways. In my Grandfather’s backyard these babies would grow like crazy. He had so many of them that everyone in the neigborhood would come by and he would give them as many as they wanted for free.
Later on I will post other ways to cook them. Today I am frying them.

1. Peel the skin by making a knife slit all the way down the banana. Then cut each end off the banana and with your knife slowly peel the banana away from you.
After it is completely peeled, cut them on a slant edge as shown below (about 1 inch thick). Put them on a salted water bowl. After 10 minutes let them slightly dry off on a paper towel before placing them in the hot skillet.

2. In a hot skillet with your favorite oil...I prefer vegetable oil. Fry them until they are slightly yellow in color.

3. Then remove them from the skillet and place one at a time on the wooden "Tostnera"...Its a wooden masher and squash them down a the one on the picture.

If you do not have a wooden masher... they are sold in any Spanish store and they are very cheap... $2 to 3 dollars...If you don’t have one use anything heavy that you can use to squash the fried banana down. Then drop the bananas back into the hot oil. Lightly re-fry them until golden color. They will be crispy like a thick potato chip.

4. Then place the bananas on some paper towel to absorb all the oil. Sprinkle with salt and serve with any dish you wish. They are SO good. Enjoy!

From Millie's Kitchen to Yours!

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