Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Part 2... Ingredients We Will Use

Here are more great products I will be using to create my vegan & Spanish dishes. It is important to have your pantry equipped with these essential items throughout our cooking. The photographs on the dishes I have already prepared are now being developed. As soon as they arrive we will begin cooking. My first dish to be served to you will be Spanish Rice & Beans served with Stir fry chicken.

Adobo...a must have in preparing most of my Spanish dishes.
Gravy No. 1

Gravy no. 2

Gravy no. 3

These 2 seasoning is also essential in my Spanish cooking. I will use them in my Spanish rice & beans, soups, gravies, stews, asopao, and pastelillos. The Jamon flavoring does not contain real pork, its all artificial. It is soooooo good.

Chicken cutlets...great BBQ chicken, in raspberry & garlic sauce, breaded in garlic & vegan butter and many other great ways to make them look & taste wonderful. I will use them in many ways you never even dreamed of.

This wonderful seasoning is great for soups, stew, chili & meatloaf. I'll use this one for a few dishes.

I make some great high protein smoothies and milk shakes that will be a delight for any time of the day. I make this drink twice a day. It is fabulous.

I came across these inexpensive Chinese rice noodles and they have been a great inspiration on creating some good Chinese meals.


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