Monday, March 30, 2009

My Vegan Kitchen Decor & Needs

Every house has there own uniqueness and spots that attract everyone who visits. It often becomes a conversational time between two people. In my house the kitchen is my display case and my counters is the charm of my house and its always the conversation between me and my guests. My counters are decorated with an assortment of cooking items. Everyone that stops by seem to be attracted to these bottles full of colorful items that contain many of my cooking needs. Quick oats, flax seed, wheat germ, pasta, beans and an assortment of vinaigrette's & cooking oils.

Most vegan kitchens have these type of counters filled with an array of cooking items. I wish I had more counter tops to display more pasta & seasonings. But I can’t. The great thing is that all my cooking items are always there when I need them. If you wish to have everything on hand try having everything in front of you at your disposal.

These displays also decorates your kitchen with an assortment of beautiful color and textures. I like everything organic and my home reflects that in my color scheme and decor of browns, tan, off white, sage greens, cranberry and black; these colors are soothing to me and a relaxing atmosphere is just as important as the great food you eat for your good health. Create a peaceful and a nice place to live by arranging and decorating your surroundings to fit your lifestyle. It then becomes your little heaven on earth...a place of peace and joy you can escape to.


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