Thursday, November 8, 2018

Repost: White Rice and Black Beans...Divine!

My favorite repost...
Recipe inside my recipe file...enjoy.

White rice and black beans with tofu squares, divine!
This is my favorite dinner ever. It is so delicious and it is all made with all my Latin spices.

From my Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...SALUD!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Without Sugar We Can Be Free Of Pain and Medications

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!!!

This horrible sweetener that can ruin your body's mechanism is a poisonous snake dipped in all foods.

As vegans, we stay away from foods sprayed with pesticides, animal products, dairy, harmful ingredients like GMO & corn syrup...but we do not spare the love of sugar in many foods. 
Well doesn't everybody?
For some reason, sugar is our first go to for comfort and peace, but sugar in any form can kill you, make you suffer in pain from your toes to your head.

For the past 3 years, I was in great pain and that bothered me, plus I was dependent on pain medication every day. I had been a vegan for 14 years now and didn't know why I was in such pain, I thought it was my RA attacking my body. I always knew pain attacks the body when we eat foods that our body cannot digest or combat when it is harmful to us.  But for a while now I couldn't pinpoint what was I eating that was attacking me back. The revelation came one day when I was listening to a video on youtube that specifically mentioned that sugar is the leading cause of joint pain especially to Rheumatoid Arthritis patients and those that suffered from an autoimmune problem and thyroid disease. Immediately my ears went up and as I listened carefully to the researcher's talk I was overcome with delight and emotion to know this any sugar intake is the root of my problem. And since I also suffer from RA and thyroid disease  I started researching sugar and it's dangerous cause of pain. And yes it is confirmed by medical researchers that Sugar is the main cause of joint pain.

I thought about this for 2 days and I made a decision to stay away from sugar.
I immediately cleared out all the food in my pantry, fridge and food storage of any items that contained sugar and almost all foods I had there had large amounts of sugar in them. Well let's say my food storage, pantry and fridge are almost empty.

After the first 3 days with no sugar, my joint pain came to a stop and so far it's been 14 days today that I have been without any type of sugar and I feel like I am 15 years old again. I can walk quickly with no pain or cane, I can go up and down the stairs which I couldn't do before, I can clean my home and car and enjoy my day with no pain. I haven't had any pain meds since I started the no sugar diet and I sleep like a baby at night and all night until the alarm clock goes off in the morning. I haven't done that for 14 years.

One thing if you eat lots of pasta, white potatoes, and starchy rice or roots, you are killing yourself. These foods only convert into fat and sugar in your body. Eat lots of fresh plants and fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are natural sugar and it will not harm you like regular sugar does. I am planning to check and study about stevia since the sugar is extracted from the stevia plant, very natural and better than regular sugar.

So if you are in constant joint pain, if you suffer from any form of arthritis, autoimmune disease constant headaches that won't go away, brain fog, lack of energy, fatigue, stress, and insomia...stop eating sugar. When you do you won't hurt anymore and everything on this list will disappear.
I am living proof of this test and I will never eat foods that contain I already lost 10 lbs.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Last Harvest of the Year, Car Accident and Kitchen Tip of the Week

 Hi everyone, I am finally back after an unexpected car accident that completely totaled my car. I only had a bad red bruise which then turned black and blue from the car's safety belt when it pulled on my left shoulder back upon impact. I am in pain around the rotator cuff which I had 2 surgeries on and a titanium pin put in it. I am now going through physical therapy to see if the shoulder gets better.

It really hurts at night time and it wakes me up at night...I am hopeful for a good recovery soon. 

Today I wanted to share a good way to keep your avocados looking like the one below after 24 hours. After cutting your avocado and with the leftover piece or pieces just wrap them in wax paper to breathe and then refrigerate. It will look like mine below, nice and green not black.

And yes it is time to close the balcony and to clean out the last harvest of the Summer...3 green peppers and 7 Ajises (Spanish sweet peppers).

Car accident photos

I hope you all have a great week.

From my Caribbean Vegan kitchen to yours...SALUD!

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