Friday, August 15, 2014

Still Picking Veggies From My Balcony Harvest

I am tickled pink because I am picking veggies from my balcony every other day.
This is my cilantro and this is the 4th batch I will be picking is beautiful.
My cherry tomatoes are getting red and I have been making great salads with them.

My peppers will be ready for picking as soon as they turn red, I have picked over 20 peppers so far. Great for a good stir fry.

From my Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...SALUD!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Recipe Request...Breaded Brown Sugar Tofu and My Medical Update

Hello my sweet readers. I hope you are all feeling great. I am feeling better. I went to see my foot surgeon and I am happy to report I will not need any foot surgery. X-rays showed that the cause of my foot pain is my RA arthritis. The arthritis has completely surrounded itself around the entire ankle and it swelled it up real bad. I am still on crutches and hoping this swelling and pain will slowly disappear from the shots I am getting on the ankle. I posted a picture of my ankle at the end of this post.
But let me tell you about this weeks post. I received a few emails requesting me to do a re-post of my breaded tofu, plus I also breaded some zucchini. I have many tofu recipes on my blog but they requested the brown sugar here it is.
1. Buy yourself a package of the EXTRA firm tofu. This extra firm tofu is the best to use when breading tofu.
2. Cut the tofu in a thin almost medium slices like mine.
3. Mix in a bowl 1/4 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. garbanzo flour
1/2 tsp. Adobo
1/4 c. TVP
3 TB. dried onion flakes
Mix well and set aside.  In another bowl pour in some olive oil, enough to cover a slice of tofu. In another bowl put in your sliced zucchini. Set the bowls in order like mine, tofu & zucchini then the oil and then the breading.

Preheat your Panini presser or a Cusinart  presser like mine at 350 degrees. I like to put a cookie sheet under mine in case some of the juices drip out of the cooker.

Put the tofu or zucchini inside the oil and then into the breading.

Once your pan is full of all the breading, press it down and let it get a bit crispy.

Once they are done they should look like this.

 I served mine with my Spanish rice & beans...delicious.

I hope you like this and that this may have answered your questions.
Ankle photo
I look and feel horrible. My ankle looks so deformed from the swelling.
I hope it gets better soon so I can return to my daily 5 mile walk.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tortas...a Great Replacement for Bread

Bread was always my down fault and when I couldn't eat it anymore because of my yeast allergies, my tortas also vanished from my diet (they are also made with yeast).
2 weeks ago my 89 year old aunt came to stay with me for 2 days. While she was here she requested I make my tortas for her to be part of our dinner. That is a request I could not decline. So I quickly prepared dinner and my tortas. She sat and ate like never before and she was so happy to eat my tortas.
They look great and you can find my recipe in my recipe labels.

A little update on my foot, as you all read my last post concerning my foot with photos I asked you read on it. I will say that I am still on crutches and using the walker so I could walk. If surgery is scheduled next week then I may be away from the computer for a while. I will let you all know next week on what's ahead concerning this matter.
Have a great week.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Scrumptious Dinner, Diet Update and a Trash To Treasure Redo

Hello fellow vegans and blogging nice to see you again.
This week there is so much to talk about. First up, I made some delicious vegetarian quinoa, a toss salad and some delicious crusted  garbanzo tofu which was muy delicioso.  By the look of the picture everything sure looks mighty scrumptious.

Vegetarian Quinoa
I first soaked my quinoa (1 cup) for 10 minutes in water before cooking it. I then chopped up some broccoli, 2 red sweet peppers, some fresh spinach & fresh kale...I also chopped up 1 yellow onion, 6 fresh cilantro stems, parsley & 4 garlic cloves. For flavoring I used some salt, black pepper, dried basil, some dried onion powder and a 1/2 c. Maple Grove Honey Dijon salad dressing. 
I sauteed the onions, peppers, parsley & garlic in 1/4 c. olive oil in a non stick pan. Then after these ingredients loosened up its flavor I added the veggies with the quinoa, the dressing and a1/4 c. water. I stirred it all well, I covered it with the lid and cooked it for 5 minutes on low heat, stirred it again and cooked it for 10 more minutes. I then removed it from the stove and I let it vaporize covered for 10 minutes with no heat before serving. My tofu recipe is in my recipe box.

Update on my diet and my setback
This was one of my breakfast while on my weight loss quest. A green protein smoothie full of spinach, a banana, 2 slices of pineapple, 2 slices of lemons, some fresh ginger, 4 slices of cucumber & 2 grape tomatoes with some vegan protein powder & honey. 1 sliced green apple, 1 sliced orange and 2 teaspoons of Organic gluten free peanut butter...delicious.
My diet is going great with lots of yoga, strength training with weights and cardio...unfortunately my daily 6 mile walk has come to a screeching halt, because my right foot has collapsed from the ankle just like my left foot did 7 years ago. In 2007 I had to have a cadaver bone ankle put in to replace the old rusted ankle that was full of arthritis. The arthritis ate away the ankle up to nothing. The ankle collapsed and I was rushed to surgery 2 days late. These 2 photos show all the hardware that is holding that new ankle together.
2 titanium plates holding the new ankle in place
Along with the large screw that holds it all together

When I had this surgery my surgeon told me that I would have to eventually have the right ankle done in a near future because it was also becoming damaged by the arthritis. Well after walking so much I think I accelerated the process.
Now that the right foot has collapsed and my inability to walk is limited without holding unto the walls, furniture or by the help of my crutches it is obvious that the surgeon will determine its next course. I see him on August 4.
On a lighter note
I still am doing as much as I can to stay busy. Last week I stopped into Goodwill and I found this lamp for $5.99. I have another one just like it and I joined them in marriage by restoring its beauty with paint, jute cord and 2 new shades.

This is the way it looked before I turned it into a treasure.

The shade was beautiful and it was included into the price.

This is the lamp I had, they are the same lamps.

To see what I did with this trash to treasure design just click on the link...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Delicious Poor Man's Dinner

Many of you know how I name some of my meals "Poor Man's Dinner" and that is because as a Puerto Rican there are areas in our island where many of our people are poor financially but they are very humble. I say "poor" because they have a very small wooden home and to feed their family they harvest about 80% of their food supply. Their land is their pot of gold and they grow anything from coffee beans, to fresh roots, vegetables, fruits and even their own spices to conserve their small money flow.
I call this a poor man's dinner because in many of these humble homes this is all they have for a meal eliminating the breaded tofu. Sometimes roots, fruits & vegetables is all they eat.
In my wonderful poor man's dinner there is steamed cauliflower, roots like ripe plantain bananas and yautia, breaded tofu & seasoned mushrooms steamed & pressed in my Cusinart Panini presser and served with lots of diced avocados...all drizzled with virgin olive oil. 
Delicious seasoned & steam pressed mushrooms.
Breaded tofu



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Loosing Weight...My Quest Towards Better Health

If you look at this first picture, this is how I look now. Heavy and working hard to loose 80 pounds by next Summer 2015.
As a vegan for the last 10 years you may think she's a skinny girl, but being a vegan doesn't mean your thin...It only means your healthy.  I am the contrary of a thin vegan.  When exercise is not included every calorie you eat starts to build up and taking steroids for my RA doesn't help.
My goal by next July is to have lost 80 ponds.
 I am walking 5 to 6 miles every day (3 in the morning & 3 in the evening).
I increased my vegetable intake more than before.

 And I also increase my fruit intake.
 40 minutes of yoga 4 times a week.
Weights...30 minutes and 30 minutes on the stepper daily.

So you all may know now that this Thanksgiving I will be eating like this.
I may look like this now...but....
by next Summer I want to look like this...that is my goal.

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